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Singapore is a city-state full of opportunities and open to business.

As an international Chamber of Commerce, our team meets with hundreds of business leaders every year who are looking to Southeast Asia for their next market, and where better to choose as Singapore is consistently ranked in the top two countries in the world to do business1. Over 45,000 British citizens live in the country and there are an estimated 4,000 British businesses already operating here. UK-ASEAN trade is worth nearly GBP £37 billion, more than Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, New Zealand, and Russia.

The Chamber is a landing point for British businesses considering or already in Singapore, providing support for those in the UK through market research and webinars, and for those planning a trip to the country, we can assist to set meetings with potential partners, deliver market briefings and offer travel discounts from our partners. For those who have already made the move, membership of the Chamber delivers connection opportunities within our network of 3,700 professionals, business development services, links to the UK Government, the latest industry knowledge and brand-building tools.

If you are considering Singapore for your business, we encourage you to get in touch today. With a full-time team of experienced professionals ready to help, we look forward to hearing about your business and helping you to grow.

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David Kelly
Executive Director, British Chamber of Commerce Singapore


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