Doing Business in Singapore

Taking a business to the next level and expanding into a new country can be confusing and complicated. Singapore is an attractive economic market perceived as being the hub of Southeast Asia, with many companies seeking to take advantage of the opportunities available in the region. However, without experience of countries like Singapore, it can be a very complicated and costly move.

It’s a big commitment and with a different regulatory framework to the UK, Singapore’s administrative requirements can be challenging to navigate and difficult to adhere to - those wanting to expand into the Singapore market will need support with the process. Additionally, with many key procedures that are not always straightforward and often time consuming, it can distract from a company’s essential day to day business activities.

Our experienced team of expert advisors, led by UK qualified Chartered Accountant and Founder, Jan Young, help simplify the process for UK businesses seeking expansion into Singapore - from the beginning all the way from launch and throughout their development.

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As one of the only British players in the market, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and personal approach. Recognised as leaders in business support, with extensive local experience of both the UK and Singapore markets, we effortlessly take you through each step to ensure an efficient and smooth transition. Our UK expertise and in-depth local knowledge of the country, along with practical discussions, clear explanations and sound advice, gives us the strategic edge in expanding your organisation into Singapore quickly and with success.

We not only help UK companies develop a presence in Singapore, but we also provide ongoing support to maximise growth potential across multiple areas with our range of specialised services in:

  • Company Secretarial

  • Finance

  • Business Advisory

  • Human Resources

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These services, along with our b
espoke business partner style approach, help navigate all compliance obligations to the various Singapore Government authorities. We cut through the detail and local jargon to give precise and up-to-date advice with custom-made solutions.

Advantages of Expat Consulting at a glance:

  • Recognised as one of Singapore’s trusted business advisors

  • One of the only business consultants with British association that understands the fundamentals of both Singapore and the UK

  • UK qualified staff

  • Extensive Company Secretarial, Finance, Human Resources and Business Advisory services

  • Practical and trustworthy first-hand advice tailored to your needs

  • One point of contact – all the business support you need in one company that manages multiple areas

  • Business partner style approach

Expat Consulting’s client base has grown significantly because we make having a business, here in Singapore, easy. Trusting us is a cost and time-effective solution in managing the whole process in setting up and operating a business, thus allowing business leaders to focus on their day-to-day work wherever they are in the world.

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At Expat Consulting, we will help with four core service areas:

Company Secretarial

  • Business Registration – based on your circumstances, we can advise you on the most appropriate business structure. As a registered Filing Agent, we will also register your company and prepare all documentation to ensure full compliance with ACRA (The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) regulations

  • Company Secretarial – to have a company secretary is a legal requirement for every business in Singapore, it oversees all aspects of compliance with ACRA including AGM and annual return filing

  • Nominee Director/Shareholder – we can help you comply with all aspects of the Companies Act by offering Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholder Services

  • Registered Office – if you require a registered Singapore office address for your company we can assist


  • Bookkeeping – we can manage your monthly bookkeeping requirements

  • Management and Statutory reports – allow us to prepare all your required reports to operate your business more effectively and ensure year-end company accounts compliance

  • Taxation – let our finance team relieve the pressure by managing all aspects from corporate income tax, personal income tax and GST

  • Payroll Services – we can prepare all monthly pay summaries and payslips, submission of CPF returns and provision and submission of IR8A and IR21 forms

  • Audit Management – our services include preparation of audit schedules, the collation of supporting documentation and the liaison with auditors to meet compulsory deadlines

Business Advisory

  • Training and advisory services – if you require individual and personalised financial and regulatory training, our professional counsel will provide the next steps to support the ongoing success of your business

  • Fundraising and access to capital – if you are seeking to expand your business and wish to obtain third party investment, we can assist with all matters of investor relations including preparation of pitch deck and access to our network of capital providers

  • Exit planning – we can provide advice for your exit strategy and assist with the overall process

Human Resources

  • Employment Contracts – we ensure that all written agreements are transparent, compliant and in-line with current practice

  • HR Administration – we can ensure your employee records are up-to-date so you have clear, documented communication with your employees

  • HR Policies and Procedures– whether you need to harness employee engagement, have a specific HR issue or need to develop HR operations from scratch, we are happy to discuss personalised and compliant solutions

Expat Consulting can help you with everything from setting up a business in Singapore and reporting and compliance to improving the processes, growth and performance of your company. Our professional consultants provide practical advice and business solutions through expert Company Secretarial, Finance, Human Resources and Business Advisory services. Whether you need help registering your company, bookkeeping, financial reporting and processes, tax, payroll and HR, we are here to help.

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